Outreach Overview

Each credit union is a financial cooperative that is an integral part of the community it serves, whether that community is made up of cities and towns, a workplace, or a community formed by people who share an interest of some kind. Service to the community is at the center of teh credit union oidentity.

The League actively supports and encourages credit unions in their community outreach efforts.  These efforts ordinarily revolve around the credit unions serving through performing their core mission:  providing financial services and financial information.  Special lending programs, financial literacy efforts, and reaching out to the "under served" are the activities that fall into this category.  The League's Community Outreach Committee is charged with coordinating these activities. 

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The League also participates in and encourages charitable work which may not directly involve financial services.  To assist in fulfilling this role, the New Hampshire Credit Union League maintains a committee on Social Responsibility.  The purpose of that committee is to develop a unified plan of social responsibility for the League through recommendations to the League's Board of Directors.  That plan features programs and events that focus statewide efforts on affordable housing, financial literacy, and designated charitable and community activities that enhance the positive image of credit unions as well as the public's overall awareness of them.

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