Credit Union Image Campaign

The goal of the New Hampshire Credit Union League’s (NHCUL) Statewide Advertising Campaign is to achieve maximum exposure for a powerful and consistent message about the benefits of credit union membership.  It communicates those themes which are common to all credit unions and contributes to the consumers understanding of the “Credit Union Difference.”  In this way, the campaign works to supplement rather than replace individual credit union advertising.  It provides real material benefit to the League’s member credit unions by bringing the consumer to a point where they understand what a credit union is.

The League’s Marketing Committee has primary responsibility for guiding the Statewide Advertising Campaign.  The committee is appointed by the League’s chairman and it consists of credit union CEOs, marketing executives, and volunteers.  The committee meets a number of times each year to consider appropriate advertising strategies.  The committee then determines the message, media, and timing for the annual campaign.

The image campaign has two main components.  They are public relations and paid media advertising.  The committee strives to make certain that these components act in concert.  The paid media campaign is built around a major television ad buy.  WMUR-TV local programming has been the centerpiece of that media buy for the past ten years.  The station reaches every household with a television in New Hampshire and that is unmatched by any other provider.  The cost benefit of this strategy is constantly monitored by the NHCUL Marketing Committee to ensure maximum value is being delivered.   

The work that the committee does is part of a twenty year effort that is one of the longest running and most successful statewide credit union image advertising campaigns in the country.  This award winning effort is the result of the hard work, insight, and creativity of the committee and the generous support of the credit unions of New Hampshire. 

Check out the television spots on the League's consumer information site.